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3D Printing Case Study – Exotide

Martin is the founder of watersport repair shop Exotide. As well as repairing surfboards and kayaks, Exotide also create bespoke products, such as custom heads for walking aids.Following their re-brand, MeeCreative invited Martin to test out our 3D printing capabilities.
Traditional modelling methods are costly and time-consuming, impacting workflow.SOLUTION
3D printing allows the models to be produced quickly and more cost-effectively.

Step 1 – The 3D object is modelled and edited using open-source software, or downloaded from an online repository.
Step 2 – The model is exported and transferred to the 3D printer.
Step 3 – Whilst building a model from scratch would have taken Martin days or even weeks to sculpt, the 3D print is available in just hours.

Printer: Ultimaker 2
Print Time: 4.5 hours
Material: PLA
Weight: 31.8g

Step 4 – Martin is able to prep the surface of the model, ready to paint and finish.

To find out how 3D printing can assist in your product development process, talk to us today.

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