Product Design & 3D Printing

Good Product Design is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.
Our product design expertise addresses ergonomics, usability and available technology.
Working with MeeCreative, we can add great value to your product development project taking an idea from concept through to fruition.


Research & Exploration

To turn an idea into a great idea we ensure we intensely observe & discover right from the outset to gain a thorough insight into everything there is to know about a product and its key drivers. We dig deep, leaving no stone unturned, constantly asking questions along the process to ensure what we create is right for the client and their market.

Concept Ideation

This is where our creative flair comes to the foreground. Our main aim at Meecreative is to create great ideas that deliver powerful results. Our skills in visualisation and concept development are invaluable when communicating our ideas, making them ‘real’. This process helps you understand the design intent and contribute your input.

Prototyping & Testing

We offer clients a wide range of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques that create accurate aesthetic and functional prototypes at different stages throughout the design process. We have a highly skilled model-making and product engineering team that deliver the highest quality of work, from simple 3D printed scale models to fully functional pre-production products.

CAD & Engineering

Once a concept design has been defined, the next stage of our design process is to create 3D models using advanced engineering software packages. These models illustrate basic form and functionality as well as giving our clients a vision of size, shape, aesthetics, function and basic product layout. Further detailed design development allows us to build complex 3D CAD models to achieve the specified design characteristics ready for pre- production prototyping.

Product Visualisation

Our highly skilled designers enable our client’s ideas and visions to become reality through the use of 2D and 3D visualisation techniques. ‘Product renderings’ enable many companies to visualise their products in a highly-detailed, three-dimensional format at various stages throughout our design process. The 3D models and photorealistic visuals we create are a very effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete design ideas. We can practically visualise any product in any environment; achieving greater communication clarity and product impact.

Manufacturing Assistance

Our Advanced CAD packages enable the team to refine product components to ensure we fully optimise their performance when manufactured. When final Designs have been produced and approved, the team produce detailed 2D and 3D CAD drawings and manufacturing specifications. We also use Reverse Engineering techniques on existing products to unlock hidden profits and improve product performance.

Reverse Engineering

By deconstructing existing products, we are able to capture the physical mechanisms and electronic components of an object or device to discover how it works, in order to help enhance the construction of your product, avoid manufacturing pitfalls that can occur from using untested or proprietary components, and to help reveal design solutions.

Electronic Development

As well as designing your product to look how you want it to, we also make sure that it functions as you want it to. Alongside our electronic engineering partners we build electrical internals to suit the design of your components – not the other way around.

Grants / Funding Support

Despite there being a large number of funding support channels for all different types of projects, they aren’t always easy to find. We have long-standing experience in submitting grant and funding requests, so we can make sure that you get the maximum amount of financial support to help realise your product, with the minimum amount of paperwork.

Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing is the future of product development, making every aspect of the process faster, cheaper and more efficient. There is an array of advantages to 3D printing over current methods, this includes; a cheaper why to manufacture, quicker production and less material waste thus making it a more desirable way to produce objects.

Design & Print

At MeeCreative our talented product designers can turn your seed of an idea from a paper sketch into a fully 3D printed object using the latest CAD software and our Ultimaker2 printer. We can 3D print in the most appropriate material needed for your final object, ranging from eye catching ABS, rubber like flexible and even metal filled compounds.

Upload Your 3D Model

Send Us Your Models

Already done the hard work of designing and modelling your object? Why not send it over to us for printing. We like to put our printer to good use, and love seeing really impressive products come to life so we offer a ‘just print service’. Your model will go through our printability checks to ensure it’s perfectly fit for printing. You design awesome things….and we’ll help you print them!

“We collaborate with companies of all shapes and sizes, from SMEs to global blue-chips, transforming great ideas into innovative products and powerful brands.”

Lewis Llewellyn, Design Director at MeeCreative

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