A strong corporate identity and brand will help maximise your business performance.
We create unique websites & powerful brands that inherit their own personality so that they stand out, are clearly understood, engaging and ultimately profitable.


Name Generation

If you are creating a new service for your existing company or even refreshing your business altogether, it’s important to decide on a name that is memorable and has impact. Taking into account a number of factors (including online search analytics), we work with you to devise a name that will stand the test of time.

Logo Creation

It’s impossible to understate the importance of an effective logo. Your business’ logo is the first thing people see when searching for you on social media, receiving your business card, visiting your website, or walking into your office. After a long period of research and development, we help realise the face of your brand to give you confidence in showing off your services.

Tagline / Slogan Development

A tag line, also called a slogan incorporates your company’s most important benefits into a single phrase or sentence for your customer. The team at MeeCreative believe a good tag line works on multiple levels of fact, description, promise and emotion. We dig deep into your brand and its services to create powerful tag lines that fully reflect your business & its service offerings.

Brand Strategy

An effective brand strategy can give you a major edge over other companies. We focus on asking; how, what, where, when and to who you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages. At MeeCreative we create powerful strategy’s that allow your brand to differentiate itself from that of your competitors, resulting in a brand that has a major edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Graphic DNA

Although on paper it is easy to separate a brand identity into it’s separate parts, it’s difficult to put them together in the first place. Logo, name and all other brand elements must work together to paint a much bigger picture; giving your brand a graphical DNA is essential to helping people recognise and understand your company effortlessly.

Brand Guidelines

You know how to use your new brand appropriately, but not everyone will be in the same boat. When creating final deliverables for your new identity, we draw up easy-to-understand reference guides for you to give to other companies such as printers and exhibition organisers, ensuring that your brand looks exactly as it should – no matter who uses it.

Printed Material

For a bunch of creatives there’s nothing like seeing a beautiful brand being implemented across a variety of printable media. We are always looking for new and cleaver way’s to get your message out there and planted firmly into your potential customers minds. We ensure there is a seamless consistency throughout all printed communications to allow your brand to look as professional as you intend it to.


Displaying your brand doesn’t have to be limited to fixed locations. By wrapping your company vehicles in your brand, you can advertise to a larger audience on the move, as well as showing confidence in your corporate identity.

Display & Signage

Whether you need temporary banners for a trade exhibition or more permanent signage on your offices, we can draw up content that shows your brand off at any size, before communicating with our established sign-makers and printing presses to take all of the hard work out of presenting your company.

Web Design

Having a website that effectively portrays the character and values of your company is more important today than it has ever been. With more and more people searching for services on mobile devices, we make sure that your brand shines through on screens of any size.

Web Development

Designing a website is one thing, but building it is another. We utilise a variety of different applications and techniques when developing websites, including foundations such as responsive design, to ensure that whether you need a from-scratch bespoke site or are a little more pushed for time, we can deliver.

Content Management Systems

While it’s easy for developers to delve into code and change content over time, what about a marketing team? We build our sites using well-established Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Concrete5 to make editing your content as easy as editing a document.

App Development

Although mobile-ready websites are great for conveying information, they can’t always deliver the types of interactivity that you might want with your customers. Mobile applications are an effective way of delivering content to users dynamically, and are a great compliment to web applications.

Social Media Design

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter hold a solid top-spot on the list of ways you can communicate with people who have chosen to follow you, whether it’s to receive news about your company or to ask you questions about your services. We make sure that your brand is properly displayed on all of your chosen social media outlets, so your audience is happy.


As well as social media, there are a number of other ways of communicating with individuals and businesses. Newsletters and other marketing materials can be edited and sent easily through services such as MailChimp and WordPress, ensuring your company news gets sent out on time.

“The boys at MeeCreative were a pleasure to work with from day one. My background is in theatre and ticketing and though I’d like to think I have a creative streak I had no concept of the world of branding. I went in with a strong vision and I left with a brand.”

Ross Burgess, BrightLights

“MeeCreative was the logical choice for creating an identity for The Pit. They combined enthusiasm, creativeness, professionalism and a pursuit of delivering the best quality results to create a cool, slick, relevant logo that encapsulates the identity of The Pit perfectly.”

Mark Abraham, Heritage Project Worker

“I came to MeeCreative with only a rough idea of what I was looking for from the packaging of our new cat bedding accessory, and a tight deadline of only 2 days. MeeCreative went over and above what I asked for, with their talented design team even working into their weekend to help.”

Tim Joannides, Happy Paws

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