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Your Competitors Are Growing 4x Faster Online

Go Mobile
Online businesses generated almost 28% of their total revenue from their mobile sites in 2012 (Barclays), and 57% of customers today say they would no recommend a business if they had a poorly designed mobile site (Google). Building your website from the group up to work on all platforms means that content is accessible on-the-go and updated alongside your desktop site.

Think Design
Your website is the most publicly accessible face of your company, so it needs to reflect it well. A massive 94% of customers said that a poor design is the main reason for distrusting a website (USNA), so making yours look both clean and personal is important. It needs to work quickly, too; 40% of people say that they’ll click off a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (Consultancy).

Get Found
Your business’ search engine ranking is the difference between a customer using you or your nearest competitor. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine (Forrester), meaning customers will search for you rather than going directly going to your site. Search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques drive you up the list of search results, meaning customers see you first when searching for your industry sector.

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