Project Description

We wanted to create a jaw dropping and beautiful piece of kitchen equipment with the underpinning principles of; Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Recovery of Energy but the over-riding rationale being the principle of Sustainability. Through vast research and design development Ferveo was born. A sleekly designed, illuminated induction cook top with a uniquely sculpted white body and integrated chopping board, which also acts as the products lid. Ferveo’s compact yet efficient size means the product can be easily stored away after its use, so weather your a student preparing food or a avid caravanner cooking for the family, ferveo would be the perfect energy efficient cooking method.

Ferveo is 90% efficient compared to gas (40%) and electric (47%), but what sets the Feveo apart from other induction cook tops is its unusual and beautiful design, which makes it a key feature in any modern kitchen. The hob lighting adds some drama, while its white colour embodies concepts of purity and cleanliness, and reflects upon nature.

Project Outline

Research & Exploration / Concept Development / Product Design / Prototype & Testing / CAD & Engineering / Product Visualisation

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