Project Description

Wealden Rehab, have 50 years combined experience in design, planning and installing professional care equipment. We were approached by Wealden Rehab with the task of throwing a fresh lease of life into a product that has lacked design thought, from a visual and functional point of view by many care equipment suppliers and design teams. Their current offering of a shower chair did not meet the requirements of the care sectors and required an urgent face-lift to address these needs.

Wealden Rehab allowed us to be as extravagant as we wished with the design as they had the vision of becoming the markets leader in suppliers of rehabilitation equipment. With this in mind we aimed to give them exactly that! We kept existing key factors such as the products footprint and stability, but inherited a greater sense of functionality and all-round performance.

The new shower chair would not only stand out from the crowd in terms of it’s stylistic appeal, but with material advances it allows the primary and secondary users to endure a great sense of safety and more importantly a woeful amount of self-satisfaction through their showering experience.

Project Outline

Research & Exploration / Concept Development / Product Design / Product Visualisation


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