SWSP Roofing

SWSP Roofing

Project Description

SWSP (South Wales Single-Ply) roofing offers quality, innovative solutions for your flat roofing requirements throughout Wales and the South West of England.

With over 17 years experience within the roofing industry and solving some of the most complex flat roofing problems, SWSP Roofing specialises in providing solutions to fit both your needs and budget.

Company director Alex Manousos contacted MeeCreative with the requirement to change the company image by means of a re-brand in which would act as a strong basis for a new website build. Through initial research into the flat roofing industry, a brand direction was established to create a modern and engaging brand using design cues from the methods the company use in their roof fitting: this being layered membranes.

A layered logo was devised that acted as a ‘Roof’ above the company name ‘SWSP Roofing’ and after experimenting with various colour combinations a vibrant red and gradient grey was selected. With a new brand in place, we then began to design the new company website ensuring there was a solid coherency between the design langauage of that of the new logo mark. Our aim was to create a modern and minimal website that incorporated the new angular layered elements to ensure a professional and tech lead feel was portrayed.

The result of the re-brand and web build now gives SWSP Roofing a solid identity that can be consistently applied across all facets of the companies visual marketing platforms, conveying a company that are more integral than your ‘Average’ roofing firm.

SWSP Roofing – Website

Project Outline

Logo Creation / Graphic DNA / Web Design / Web Development / CMS

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