Gordon Down

Gordon Down

Project Description

Gordon Down are a professional accountancy firm based in South Wales. With over 50 years of experience – and a brand that was relatively untouched during that time – the company wanted a rebrand that would refresh their image whilst retaining the feel of their strong, well-established organisation, and so they approached MeeCreative to help rejuvenate the company image.

After several successful meetings with their great Swansea team, we decided on a strong, bold orange at the forefront, with requests of some powerful cloud imagery to evoke a fresh undertone to the new brand. The bespoke Gordon Down typeface was also designed to bring an approachability and rigidity to the brand, comprised of rounded corners and uniform circles throughout.

The ideas were presented across a range of stationery that they required, and we are pleased to say that they were incredibly happy with the final outcome. The new brand identity now gives Gordon Down a unique and powerful company image in what is an extremely competitive industry. Continual work with the team on implementation of the brand across all facets of the company’s marketing streams means that the new Gordon Down brand will always be portrayed consistently at all levels.

Project Outline

Logo Creation / Graphic DNA / Printed Material / Display & Signage

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