Project Description

MeeCreative were approached by craftsman Martin Merrill to help push his business forward by developing a strong brand identity and logo for his surf and watersport repair workshop, Exotide.

Exotide was a name that Martin had thought-up from the out-set and we felt it was such a great name that there really wasn’t a need to go through the process of creating new ideas for it – it suited the business perfectly.

Our creative juices were flowing from the initial kick-off meeting and we delved quickly into analysing the market place in which Exotide would be targeted. We identified common themes within competitors visual DNA and opportunities to explore. Feeding from our research we simply got straight to work creating a vast array of concept ideas that we felt encapsulates all aspects of Martins business.

As a team of creatives we concluded that due to the nature of Exotides industry, we should experiment with alternative off-screen methods to create some of the initial concepts. Martin was involved with the project from the very beginning, providing guidence and feedback on the direction he felt best suited the visual execution of Exotide. We’re always inviting of clients who want to get involved at any stage of the branding process; having the input from a client allows us to have an appreciation and understanding of the marketplace in which the design is intended and then producing creative ideas to capitalise on those possible opportunities.

Once Martin had decided on a concept, we implemented the changes he felt would work as well as advising him on how the brand could be adapted and portrayed across all types of media.

We’re thrilled that we were able to produce something that Martin really wanted and create a brand that truly captures what Exotide stands for.

Project Outline

Graphic DNA / Web Design / Web Development / CMS / Social Media Design / eMarketing

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