Game Changer

Game Changer

Game Changer, a start-up charity focussed on assisting less fortunate people progress in their rehabilitation through exercise and dieting, came to MeeCreative in order to establish a brand that would help them reinforce a serious message for a good cause.

The main focus of the charity is to build personalised eating and exercise plans for people going through rehabilitation programs, in order to provide additional support and motivation. Working alongside other organisations, such as prison services and the NHS, Game Changer will work with clients to keep them fit and active, thereby assisting them through rehabilitation – whether that be to give up smoking, lose weight, or to help minimise substance abuse or criminal behaviour.

Working closely with the founders of Game Changer – Phil & Lindsey – to design a range of concepts that we felt suited their goals, we took onboard their ideas for a human-centric brand that signified personal changes, and refined some of our earlier concepts to portray the right message.

While the program is currently in its preliminary stage, we look forward to seeing the brand being implemented.

Project Outline

Logo Creation / Graphic DNA

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