Project Description

BrightLights is a musical theatre company based in London that aims to get young people to engage in drama on the stage. The company’s founder, Ross Burgess, came to MeeCreative with a clear vision of the direction of the brand that he wanted to create – a vibrant, modern brand that would target the “E4 generation” of young adults.

After creating a number of different directions, we were delighted to hear that one of our concepts had shone through. We continued to work into the chosen identity and were able to develop a series of variations for use as Ross saw fit – just in time for a new year of successful theatre productions.

“The boys at MeeCreative were a pleasure to work with from day one. My background is in theatre and ticketing and though I’d like to think I have a creative streak I had no concept of the world of branding. I went in with a strong vision and I left with a brand. The guys took my ideas, my inspirations and presented me with many different directions to take them. Their ability to open my eyes to different ideas was very impressive. I ended up with a logo that will work brilliantly on a corporate level and also lends itself easily to my commercial endeavours. The guys were approachable at all times and encouraged regular feedback to create the perfect finished product. I would recommend MeeCreative to companies at all levels, whether they are start up like myself or a more distinguished company looking for an overhaul.”

Ross Burgess – Founder, Brightlights

Project Outline

Logo Creation / Graphic DNA

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