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What Makes an Advert Successful to the Younger Audience

Everyones view of what makes a good advert are different. Some focus on if the advert conveys a message well. I feel as long as the advert can make you remember it, no matter what the reason, then it has been successful. An advert does not always have to convey the message of the product or company to be successful. If you can make the audience remember the product and company just from being funny, quirky or outrageous then as an advertising team you have done your job.

Make it colourful and out there

One of the best examples for colours in an advert would be the Sony ‘balls’ advert for their TV set brand Bravia to show how well it’s screens distinguish colours. For this advert they took thousands of different coloured bouncy balls and let them bounce freely down a street in San Fransisco. The advert, released back in 2005, was an amazingly creative idea and very memorable.

Add some fun and humour

The One Dollar Shave Club have a collection of quirky and funny adverts, but the stand out has to be the first advert they made. It had the strapline “Our Blades are F***ing Great”. In the ad, the adventurous CEO helps out immigrants and wielding a machete. It even has hillarious dance party at the end with money flying around. As an advert it gets its point across very well in a humourous way and keeps you interested throughout. If something is very funny, it is highly likely to be shared across social media.

Accompany with good music

Beats by Dre (now Beats Music) released an advert for their headphone ranges called ‘The Game Before The Game’ for the Football World Cup in 2014. The music used was ‘Jungle’ by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons and it really captures and immerses you in the advert. The advert is very good at captivating its audience and making them feel part of the prematch rituals of the football players.

Go a bit wierd and random

In my eyes there is only one advert that takes the award for being totally random and a little wierd. Mountain Dew’s advert for this years’ Super Bowl for their new drink Kickstart starred the ‘PuppyMonkeyBaby’. No words can describe it, just watch below…

You might be thinking “what the hell did I just watch?” but for being so bizarre it could potentially be one of the most memorable adverts. Your not likely to forget a puppy/monkey/baby in a hurry!

Even annoying can work

In what could potentially be one of the most annoying adverts of all time, the Go Compare advert was released in 2009 to the annoyance of audiences across the country. You will only have to watch this advert once to totally understand how annoying it is but due to hearing the company name “Go Compare” being sang in an annoying classical style, it quite powerfully sticks in your head which means everyone knows the brand name of the company. Controversially it’s brand awareness at it’s best.

In conclusion, for adverts to appeal to a younger audience you don’t need all of the above points together but if you play just one or two to your strength it can work out to be a very powerful advert. Out of all the adverts listed above my stand out favourite has to be the Mountain Dew ‘Kickstart’ advert with the “PuppyMonkeyBaby”. Just on the basis of it having the wierd factor and being a very out there piece of advertising which will be remembered for being so random yet funny.

8 Tips For Making An Effective Product Video

Recently we’ve been panning, zooming and expertly editing product videos for some of our clients over here at MeeCreative. Take a look at a recent sample video we created here:

We must say we’re pretty pleased with the outcomes. Video content is now splashed in our faces more than ever. Lets take it, who hasn’t sat on Youtube or social media and been transfixed by the most random of video’s? You’re not the only one! But amongst the cat videos and epic fail shenanigans, some of the biggest retailers in the world are implementing video to not only showcase their products globally but to show the user how to use their product and fix them if problems ever occur, now in the world of digital, that’s pretty damn good user experience right?

Anywho, we could talk until the cows come home about the benefits of video to help advertise your businesses products and services but as the lovely, kind and helpful people we are here at MeeCreative, we thought we’d give you 8 Tips For Making An Effective Product Video –  of course, if you’re not too keen on picking up a camera and trying to shoot a stunning video you could always give us a tinkle? (That was a pretty subtle plug, right?!)

Anyway, with that sordid self-promotion over, just scroll down and take a look. Enjoy!

8 Tips For Making An Effective Product Video

Making product videos is a great way to effectively convey information, show products in use and create trust with the customer. And with YouTube now being the second most popular search engine in the world, your product videos can even bring you new customers in addition to adding value to your existing ones. If your timid abut jumping into the video production world, here are a few tips to get you started:

1.Keep it short. Your customers don’t want to sit & watch a flashy drawn-out product video, they want to get the information they need and nothing more.  Shoot for making  your videos 2 minutes or less. Constricting yourself to certain time-parameters will also help you to focus on the most important aspects.

2. Write a script. There are many times when you can ‘wing it’ in business, but videos are not one of them. In order to get everything across to your customer in the most effective way, you’re going to need to spend time collecting your thoughts & organising them in a script.. and then write it again. The best writing is done when you spend the time to write several drafts, refining your thoughts and words until you have a gem of a script!

3. Get in there & demo your product. Don’t just hold up your product, USE your product. The goal of your video is to give your customers an interactive view of the product, so swing that golf club, wear that dress, make that pan sizzle – your video should demonstrate whatever your customer will be doing with the product.

4. Decide on what your company’s voice is and be consistant.  We all know that the funny videos are the ones that go viral, and they also make the companies relatable & personal.  But funny isn’t for every company, brand, product or audience. However if you think you have the right personality and products for an outlandish or witty video, go for it!

But if funny & outlandish is not who you & your company are, don’t try to be. Being authentic and true to your brand is key to earn customers’ trust. Videos give your customers a more well-rounded view of your brand so don’t send them mixed messages ( you risk coming off as ‘phony’).  An educational informative video will sell more products than one that misses the mark trying to be something that it is not.

5. Be personal. Let your customers know the people behind the brand. Introducing yourself and your relationship with the company , starts the video off on a friendly inviting note.

6. Get the money-shots. Customers are watching the video to see the products so make sure you show the product form multiple angles. Shoot close-ups to show off the products detail, and features.

7. Don’t talk their ear-off. In a 2 minute video, it is perfectly ok to have 30 seconds of light background music while you show off the product from different angles or in use. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a novel so don’t worry about filling every second with your commentary.

8. Make your products look their best Production value isn’t everything, but be conscious of how your products look. Here are a few production tips:

  • Shoot in high definition, and in widescreen
  • Pay careful attention to the lighting to avoid harsh shadows and dimly lighted environments.
  • Shoot with a tripod to keep the shots steady.



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What We’ve Been Up To

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Use Video To Grow Your Business


Video has grown rapidly over recent years and it’s predicted to continue, making video fundamental to the way consumers consume content. With technology improving, businesses of all sizes are able to effectively use video to reach and engage a wider audience. Here’s 5 reasons why your company should be investing in video to advertise.